Are you gearing up for a gaming revolution?

I get upset quite often when I hear of game developers coming out with yet another squeal to a game that already exists, and notice that the changes made are quite minimal. Usually, these lazy developers just re-skin an existing build, add some new maps, and modify the way the character moves in the game to some extent. Forgive me for being honest, but I cannot stomach yet another Call of Duty franchise publish. When will these developers stop making the same thing over and over again, continuing to take your money each and every 6 months.

There’s hope at last! A crowdfunded development company named Cloud Imperium has decided to do something amazing, and If you haven’t been following their progress so far, I feel bad for you. Star Citizen 2.4.0 was recently released this week; a patch to an already playable game model filled with innovative and progressive content to look forward to. Already, the game is flyable for testing purposes, and is seeing state of the art updates every month which personally keeps dropping my jaw to the floor.

All in all, the game is a flight combat simulation of deep space where super fast spaceships face each other in a battle royal environment. Outfitted with a slew of different laser cannons and ballistic weaponry, the ships duel in a heart-racing manner until someone either ejects or explodes from massive damage and shield failure.

I have went out of my way to create the ultimate flight chair in which I use a joystick, thruster throttle pack (Thrustmaster) and 3 screens in a panoramic setup to amplify my field of view. The chair was intended for racing, but in deep-space combat, I can’t help but feel like I’m actually there, sweating and panting from the intensity of this video game.

There is a massive multiplayer environment also still in the works; one of the greatest space sims anyone will ever play. I will continue to post more on this indie dev company and their outstanding product that YOU should be getting your hands on!